Gwangju Cultural Foundation Media Art Residence Special Exhibition

“THE Bunker 展”


It is special exhibition that visitor can meet the works of 30 artists who participated in the Media Art Residence during 2012~2020. 


It is organized to share the recent activities between media artists who have been engaged in creative activities in the same space for the past nine years and to revitalize the culture and arts industry that has been violated by COVID-19.



VR Exhibition






[Participated Artists] 


Kang Su Jeong, Kang Soo Ji, Gwon Seung Chan, Kim Myoung Woo, Kim In Jeong 

Kim Ja Yi, Kim Hyeong Suk, Kim Hye Gyung, Moon Chang Hwan, Park Sang Hwa

Bark Se Hee Sarah, Paek Na Won, Sung Yu Jin, Son Seung Min, Shin Do Won

Shin Chang Woo, Ahn Yu Ja, Yu Ji Won, Lee Root, Lee Soung ung, Lee Lee Nam

Lee Jo Heum, Lim Yong Hyun, Artist Wednesday, Cheon Seon Hooi, Chung Woon Hak

Jin Si Yon, Pfunk Pfama, Paul Bazooka