Basic Information

Operating hours Weekday 15:30 – 17:50
Weekend 10:00 – 17:50
Venue Bitgoeul Citizen Culture Center 1F (328)
Target Children, Youth, Tourists, and Citizens of Gwangju and nearby areas, etc.
Fare ₩4,000 for Individuals / ₩2,000 for Group and Events / Free for Group leaders(applied by March)
Ticket Offline or Online(Using Interpark Ticket Payment System)


[Weekend/Holiday] (Closed on Sunday, Monday)
Section Running time Holiday
Group 10:00 ~ 10:50 First
Group 11:00 ~ 11:50 Second
Intermission 12:00 ~ 13:00 -
First 13:00 ~ 13:50 Third
Second 14:00 ~ 14:50 Forth
Third 15:00 ~ 15:50 Fifth
Forth 16:00 ~ 16:50 Sixth
Fifth 17:00 ~ 17:50 Seventh

Enter fee

Section Total of Theatre’s Contents
Individual ticket Child / Adult ₩4,000
Group, Day of culture, the disabled, Men of national merit, Soldier, Munhwa Nuri Card, Munhwa Bodum Member(50%) Child / Adult ₩2,000

Contents : 10 types

new FantasticWall-Wallyball

“Bad hunters are threatening the endangered polar bear. Defeat the hunter and saver the polar bear!” Be the Earth’s guardian in the media playground

Technic : Touch Sensor



Awesome Run is a new genre of sports content that combines interactive and exercise. Interactive content maximizes exercise effect by increasing user concentration and immersion

Technic : Foot Pad



A world of various themes appears on the screen. Hit the target that appears on the screen within the time limit ti score and make the stars shine!

Technic : Touch Sensor


FantasticWall-Puzzle Atelier

Writers' works in Gwangju, the city of light, are scattered in puzzles. Complete work by finding and matching puzzles that fit empty space!

Technic : URG Lazer Sensor


Waterfall of light(Myself Art)

It is a space created by a combination of beautifully flowing light waterfalls and artists' works. Stand in a flowing waterfall, bloom beautiful flowers, and take a best photo.

Technic : Kinect Sensor


Sea of Life(Coloring World - Seatopia)

Create their own fish into the world under the sea by coloring fish paintings. When you touch fish that roam around the world under the sea, various effects occur.

Technic : Scanner, Touch Sensor


Forest of life(Coloring World – Shineforest)

Color various character pictures to make the forest on the screen into various life forests. If you touch the characters in the forest, you will be various effects.

Technic : Scanner, Touch Sensor


Media Stepping-Stone

Step on the stepping stone that appears on the floor and move to the other side. Every time you step on the stepping stone while moving, various changes and effects occur.

Technic : Touch Sensor


VR Experience

[Weekend/Holiday] (Closed on Sunday, Monday)
Name Content Technic
VR Van Gogh’s Bedroom It's a virtual reality experience where you can go into Gogh's 3D work with VR experience equipment and watch it as if you are watching an art museum. VR experience equipment
360°VR Protectorscope
Media Archive)
It is a virtual reality experience where you can enjoy the hidden scenery of Korea and see the inside of the spaceship through a 360° rotating view. VR Protectorscope
※ Located in 2nd floor of Media 338 Exhibition Hall
※ VR Experience can be included on tour course