We intend to create a landmark in Gwangju, a UNESCO Creative of Media Arts, by installing a transparent screen on the roof top. When projecting an image in the night, the screen creates
an illusion of images in the sky. It is the first trial in the nation to offer a regular façade not a one-time exhibition, and it was a challenge for KT Corp. It was not able to make the roof top a
hologram theater as we could not use hologram technologies, instead, we made a black colored back ground and used computer graphics, making the 3D effect. The images are of Gwangju’s
representative places such as Yangrim-dong Modern History Village, ACC, May 18th National Cemetery, Bitgoeul Citizen Cultural Center, etc. The main topic image,“Heotbul (torch light)” , is
a symbol of the city, a sacred spot for democracy and a city of light.

Working Hours : 19:00-21:00 every day except Sundays
Location : Bitgoeul Citizen Cultural Center’s roof top (80×50㎡ sized screen)
Targets : Gwangju Media Art Platform visitors
Fee : Free (outdoor show)
Content : Heotbul (Torch Light), the Gwangju PR video clip