Overview(How to Participate)

Period 2020. 1. ~ 12./ All the year round
Subject Individuals (less than 10 people)/ Group (10 or more)
Content Appointment and Sales Progress, Collecting Opinions, etc.
Notes - Individuals reservations can be through Interpark online booking office
- Group reservations use their own reservation system in specialized space(by call)

· Group reservation management for the experience of existing media art specialized space was conducted only by telephone reception during working hours. The establishment of a reservation system was completed at the end of 2019 in accordance with the need to supplement the limitations of such reception methods

Individuals Reservations and Online&On-site Payment

Date and time (Pre-booking) Reservations are available regardless of the 365 days
Content Applications and reception processing of individuals who wish to visit specialized spaces;
Main Subject A family, etc. accompanied by children
Method Online purchase of tickets or on-site payment before screening time in Interpark Ticket Reservation System

Group reservation pre-management and on-site payment

Date and time (Pre-booking) Reservations are available regardless of the 365 day time zone.
(Booking confirmation) Final confirmation on the day before the viewing date
Substance Applications and reception of organizations wishing to visit specialized spaces
Main customer (Children) Daycare centers, kindergartens, and elementary schools (Youth) Middle school, high school (Cultural Care) Many organizations of the underprivileged, such as autonomous ward offices, administrative dongs, and local social welfare facilities.
Procedure The organization wishing to participate will fill out the group application form on the official Nuri House website
→ Confirmation and approval by the Foundation Officer(Coordinate content with the organization)
→ Send the application confirmation form to the participating organizations
→ Application completed
→ The person in charge of the foundation notifies you of the reservation status on the day before the event