UNESCO Creative Cities Network COVID-19 Joint Campaign 

'WeRCulture' Media Arts Video

# The Day will come



The Gwangju Creative City is sharing the message of overcoming the global crisis called COVID-Pandemic together with culture and art as 'Media Arts Video'


This video was produced as part of the UNESCO joint campaign 'WeRCulture' which aims to move forward together with culture and art in the COVID-19 pandemic. 





#The Day will come 




As part of the WeRCulture campaign, the video said, #Stay Home, Stay Safe.


The current situation, in which we can't meet even if we want to meet during self-isolation, is described as a half-and-half split technique,

which can also be called the signature of the Shinliart Media artists group. 


Although they spend time in isolation in their own spaces, they still feel like they are together,

and they send a message of encouragement in anticipation of the ‘day’ when they finally meet again.