Basic Information

Open Hours Weekday 15:30 – 17:40
Weekend 13:10 – 17:30
Venue Bitgoeul Art Space 5F (358.32)
Target Children, Youth, Tourists, and Citizens of Gwangju and nearby areas
Fare ₩8,000 for Individuals
₩4,000 for Group and Events
Free for Group leaders(applied by March)
Ticket Offline or Online(Using Interpark Ticket Payment System)



- Weekday
Section Running time Contents
Group 9:00 ~ 12:00 Group-tailored screening (Youth:K-POP / Kids:Lightningman)
Intermission 12:00 ~ 13:00 Lunch
Group 13:00 ~ 13:50 Group-tailored screening
First 15:30 ~ 16:00 Lightningman, Protect the Crystal
Second 16:20 ~ 16:50 Lightningman, Protect the Crystal
Third 17:10 ~ 17:40 Present of Le Petit Prince

- Weekend/Holiday
Section Running time Contents
Group 9:00 ~ 12:00 Group-tailored screening
First 13:10 ~ 13:40 Present of Le Petit Prince
Second 14:00 ~ 14:30 Lightningman, Protect the Crystal
Third 15:00 ~ 15:30 Lightningman, Protect the Crystal
Forth 15:50 ~ 16:20 Lightningman, Protect the Crystal
Fifth 16:50 ~ 17:30 New Girls In The Park(GWSN) ‘Magic Park’

Enter Fee

Section Total of Theater’s Contents
Individual ticket Child / Adult ₩8,000
Group, Day of culture, the disabled, Men of national merit,
Soldier, Munhwa Nuri Card, Munhwa Bodum Member(50%)
Child / Adult ₩4,000

- For Youth
Name Content Time and Screening method
‘Magic Park’ of Girls In The Park(GWSN) Meet the idol ‘Girls In The Park’ at ‘Gwangju Park’

- Producer Kim Hyung-suk's first project, Girl group "GWSN" K-pop rookie artist "GWSN" combines hologram content with world-views to provide audiences with attractions and maximize hologram effects with nonstop eye-catching special effects and CGs

- A park is a space where anyone can go, geal and dream, and anyone can dream and enjoy listening to GWSN’s music. It is a content that means that everyone who visits the park wants to listen to GWSN’s music, be loved and be friends with her

※ General: 35 minutes/ 10 minutes for pre-screen photography → 25 minutes for performance
※ Group: 50 minutes/ 5 minutes before the content screening, 10 minutes for photo shoots → 10 minutes for hologram principle, 10 minutes for performance 25 minutes

General 35 minutes & Group 50 minutes

- For Kids & Youth
Name Content Time and Screening method
Maple story Meet popular game characters in hologram musicals!

- Based on “Comic Maplestory”, which is a cartoon of the popular game “Maplestory”, five main characters in the game can sing and act and enjoy a realistic stage with colorful hologram effects.

- It’s a growth story about adventure with friendship and courage, and you don’t need 3D glasses, so even infants can watch comfortably.

40 minutes
Present of Le Petit Prince Meet world classical ‘Le Petit Prince’ as a emotional puppet show in hologram

- The story and value of the puppet show of cultural communication, which traditionally expressed and talked about the life of the times, and the numerous touching and instructive puppet shows that everyone has seen as growing up, have been revived with fairy tale-like hologram imaging techniques

- Rose, who lives in the star of the Little Prince, bothers the little prince so much. So he travels to find a new friend, but realizes his own inadequacy and returns to the little prince’s star with roses

- A family-style children’s performance of the Gwangju Children’s Musical “Education Theater Bluebird” was released as a hologram version

Screening for 25 minutes
Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri. 3rd (17:10 ~ 17:40)
Sat. 1st General Screening (13:10 ~ 13:40)

- For Kids
Name Content Time and Screening method
Lightningman: Keep the Lightning-Crystal Find the ‘Lightning-Crystal’ with Lightningman of EBS

- ‘Lightningman, find the Lightning-Crystal’ is an exciting adventure to find the Lightning-Crystal that villains have taken away from in ‘Lightning Town’, a magic land of dreams and fantasies

- In addition to EBS’s signature characters ‘Lightningman’ and ‘Gas King Bbung-bbung-i’, new characters such as ‘Prince Race’, which protects the crystal-filled star, ‘Too-bi Fairy’, which is queen of Too-too-bi star, the villain ‘Darkseed’ and ‘Kemo’appear, adding to the tension and interest

- You can meet the fantastic universe that spread simultaneously on three screens and popular characters that are more three-dimensional and vivid with holograms

Screening for 25 minutes
Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri. 1st (15:30 ~ 16:00)
Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri. 2nd (16:20 ~ 16:50)
Sat. 2nd General Screening (14:00 ~ 14:30)
Sat. 3rd General Screening (15:00 ~ 15:30)
Sat. 4th General Screening (15:50 ~ 16:20)

- For All
Name Content Time and Screening method
5G Telepresence ‘Supernatural Song-festival’ Experience the HIP Song Festival for yourself!

- Kittistic Sensibility+New-trotic Sentiment + Insider Code

- Not a one-way viewing of a performance, a two-way experience stage in which I appear and experience

- It is song-festival that Design and direct the stage oneself by choosing a theme of a hologram background, experience and enjoy real-time telepresence techniques through simple conversations with MC

- Experience the surprise celebration of popular idols

Screening for 30 minutes
(progress only event period)

- For General
Name Content Time and Screening method
Deok Ryeong e ‘醉花月也’ Meet, Chung Jang-gong the chief of the Gwangju Righteous Army, General Kim Deok-ryeong in the hologram

- It is based on the story of General Kim Deok-ryeong, a representative Righteous army of Gwangju, and K-pop star Ahn Ye-eun participated in the composition and recording, adding a modern sense to Korean Traditional Music and creating a unique harmony between art and tradition

- Contents of fusion and combined performances featuring many local artists including Park Moo-sung (Gwangju National Theater Company), Jeon Hyun-jung, Yeo Cha-hyun, Seo Young-joo, Jo Ho-seok, Kim Joo-yeon, and Etc.

Screening for 25 minutes
(Used as benchmarking and training material)