Media Arts Archive Gwangju is a media art specialized archive center run by GCF to share and accumulate media arts related sources and documentaries. It has 25 Gwangju media artists and
art groups’ portfolios and digital sources. Also, it has media arts related materials and records of GCF’s projects for the last five years. Also, it showcases the city’s light-related industries since
the 1990s and the history of media arts that started from LED art chronically. The archive shows how Gwangju became a UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts as well.

Working Hours :  10:00-17:00 (Monday closed)
Location : Bitgoeul Art Space 1F (92.39㎡)
Targets : Media artists and citizens
Fee : Free
Content : GCF Media Arts Residence Relay Exhibitions, Special Exhibitions, Open Exhibitions, etc. (newly updated every month)
No. of Visitors : 12,585 /ten media arts exhibitions

Collecting Materials
Starting in the second half of 2016, the archive has accumulated local artists’ materials and records. It has tried to collect diverse types of data as much as possible by interviewing artists and asking for materials, collecting online materials, and visiting media art related sites or facilities. GCF also invited the public to join it in collecting media related work books, art works, artists’ notebooks, portfolios, photos, video clips, etc. To share materials, other exhibition halls such as ‘Media 338’, ‘Digital Gallery’ are able to display them as well.
For example, artist sources exhibited at Media 338 will be able to be kept in the Archive so that those materials can be shown to the public again.