5G Media Demonstration Experience Center (Space Oji-ne) is a space created by the Ministry of Science and ICT, Giga Korea Foundation, SK Broadband, SK Telecom, KCA, and Gwangju Cultural Foundation through the Giga KOREA project in 2020. It is a space where you can meet and experience differentiated cultural and artistic content unique to Gwangju based on 5G immersive media technology.


We want to achieve the following goals through space.
❍ Contributing to the development of local science, art, and industry by developing immersive content using 5G communication technology
❍ Contributing to the creation and distribution of local media art and convergence VR content
❍ Reinforcing the status of a creative city with the best media art experience in Korea


Content Details

No Technology Name of Content Introduction Description Producer
1 Smart signage Wall Twinkle Yumi You can enjoy watching videos on UNESCO Creative City and Media Arts at 5GX Smart Signage! Curious? Touch it! - Users select and watch UNESCO Media Arts Creative City content
ㆍIntroduction to UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts
ㆍIntroduction of UNESCO Creative City in Korea
ㆍIntroduction of Media Arts Artists
→ Content that can be viewed with an individual's smartphone through a QR code
- Large screen media signage with 290-inch multiple displays
ㆍUsing 10 sheets of 65-inch LCD displays (9,600*2,160), a touch-based large screen media wall is formed.
2 Unreal Engine base Virtual Reality(3D, HMD 2 units) Sit and See Art Museum Let's see artworks in the art museum in VR, and exhibit works I drew (The Turtle I Draw )! - Experience the art museum using HMD in VR
- Virtual art museum experience based on 3D modeling of art museum space
① Art Museum tour (based on the space of Gwangju Museum of Art): Lee Nam Lee's artwork
② Art museum created by us (based on the space of Gwangju Museum of Art): Citizen's drawing work (linked with the turtle I draw)
③ Forest Art Museum (Holly Art Polygon): Reflecting works by artists such as residents
☞ (Application) Can be expanded to artist workspaces and art museums abroad
SKT,Art&Space IT
3 Drawing tablet(4 units)& Electronic frame(8 units) The Turtle I Draw Shall I paint and color with Gudong-i, Omaena, and DougiBaegi Brothers, and look for where my paintings are? - Participatory experience where visitors create digital contents using tablets
- Drawing and sketching experience: Gudong-i(Gwangju Park character), Omaena (Gwangju character), Dougi&Baegi Brothers (Jeonnam character), Yoomi city drawing, etc.
-Sit and See art museum (art museum we created) and exhibited in digital frame
* Turtle: The name given to the turtle legend in Gwangju Park
SKT,Art&Space IT
4 Glasses-free VR Zone,VOD video and live video Square! - Square!Experience Hall You can fly in the sky and float in space in a cube made of 5 sides of LEDs! Let's totally enjoy Gwangju! - 360 degree 5-sided LED cube experience hall/world's first live video application
- Demonstration experience Gwangju-related VOD production
ㆍ (Drone-based) 1 Gwangju (Mt. Mudeung-Gwangjucheon-Major attractions)/ 1 Jeonnam (Spots around Gwangju)
ㆍ(2D-based) Art-type work respectively produced
5 8K LIVE VR Moveable Theater You can't go to the theater? Then I'll show you as a VR at the moveable theater - Receive 360 live video and enjoy it on a large screen and VR, and experience individual video with a multi-view device
- Real-time high-performance camera (IT Audience Maena) filming art space small performance hall → real-time transmission → experience through HMD VR
- Configuration of viewing environment using 4K Projector and Screen (5,000 * 4,000), HMD device (1 unit), small device (4 units)
☞ Application area: Can be expanded to outdoor and abroad theaters
6 Connection 360-degree camera to small performance hall IT Audience Maena What will the performance look like in the VIP seat of the venue? Let's watch the performance with Maena's eyes! - ‘Maena who fills one of the 100 seats everyday’
Becoming the eyes of those who can't come to see the performance, Maena's supernatural power who can see and share the performance instead 360-degree shooting camera installed in the small performance hall of the Bitgoeul Citizens' Cultural Center
* (O) Maena: Because it likes cultural and art performances, it often appears in art theaters, and it unintentionally attracts attention by the self-luminescence of the antenna on its head.
7 Touch Kiosk Help me!Docent What is here? How can I use it? When you are curious, “Help me, Docent!” Installation of touch Kiosk to guide immersive media experience space
- Installation of touch-type Kiosk for guidance on the experience space
8 AR photography & Provide photo Let's take a picture with me Shall we take a picture of world-renowned media artist Lee Nam Lee? , Cute Gudong-i, Omaena, and Dougi&Baegi Brothers. Download it via QR and upload it to social media! - Operating AR content that allows you to take a picture with the main characters of the artworks of Culture Bodum 10000 Center, media artist Lee Nam Lee, Gudong-i, Omaena, and Dougi&Baegi Brothers.
- When a picture is taken using the installed iPad App, it is combined with AR characters and provided (sent by email or SMS)
- AR photos of visitors are sent to digital signage (Twinkle Yumi) so that they can be downloaded using QR.
SKT,Art&Space IT
9 VR Battle Game See you in the game Stop the crappy games! Let's relieve stress through VR battle games with friends - VR battle game experience using 5G smartphone and HMD (up to 2 players)
- Experience 10 games using HMD, 5G smartphone, and VR game controller
10 5G Wireless Backhaul 5G Wireless Backhaul Hub and Terminal Stop digging the land!Just connect the 5G base station wirelessly to the Internet! - Wireless communication technology that enables flexible mobile communication network construction by replacing the high-speed wired network between the communication service provider network and the base station of the 5th generation mobile communication network with wireless
- Provides services of immersive media (virtual reality, augmented reality, remote medical treatment, etc.) based on the 5th generation mobile communication
- Wireless backhaul in box-shaped structure
※ Installation of Hub and terminal equipment
ㆍ5G Wireless Backhaul Hub (GK-5G Wireless Backhaul Hub)
ㆍ5G Wireless Backhaul Terminal (GK-5G Wireless Backhaul Terminal)